Wellesley Club of Houston 2016 Annual Meeting and Decades Lunch

Wellesley alums gathered at the Annual Meeting and Decades Lunch last month and voted in a new executive board for the Wellesley Club of Houston.  We welcomed the new officers and acknowledged the service of our past slate of officers.  A big thank you goes out the Jasmine Sung '03, for welcoming us into her home, and the 2000-2009 classes who organized the event!  We heard stories of travel abroad with Wellesley classmates, travelling to dates in Boston, being stranded by the Senate bus, and fun adventures at reunion.  If you joined us, thank you for braving the stormy weather and sharing your stories!

Click here or go to this link to see more photos from the event: https://houston.alum.wellesley.edu/images.html?view_album=9

The Nominating Committee, consisting of Maneesha Patel '78, Linda Honig '62, Emily Steiner '59 and Leah Hamilton French '11, nominated the following individuals for the 2016-2017 executive board.  The slate of new officers was voted in at the Annual Meeting.


Eva Moldovanyi '77

Lisa Torreano '90

Vice President - Communications Vice President - Programming

Christine Yang '09

Rachel Kronenberger '12


Jennifer Koller '87


Mindy Davidson '84

Sandy Simmons '87