July Book Club: Sweetbitter

Join the Book Club for a lively discussion of the July book - Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler.

Title: Sweetbitter

Author: Stephanie Danler

When: Saturday, July 16, 2016 @ 11 AM

Where: RSVP to Danielle Callendar dcallendar@gmail.com for the location.

Synopsis: A lush, raw, thrilling novel of the senses about a year in the life of a uniquely beguiling young woman, set in the wild, seductive world of a famous New York City restaurant.

"Lets say I was born when I came of the George Washington Bridge ..." This is how we meet unforgettable Tess, the twenty-two-year-old at the heart of this stunning debut.  Shot from a mundane, provincial past, Tess comes to New York in the stiffling summer of 2006.  Alone, knowing no one, living in a rented room in Williamsburg, she manages to land a job as a "backwaiter" at a celebrated downtown Manhattan restaurant.  This begins the year we spend with Tess as she starts to navigate the chaotic, enchanting, punishing, and privileged life she has chosen, as well as the remorseless and luminous city around her. What follows is her education: in oysters, Champagne, the appellations of Burgundy, friendship, cocaine, lust, love, and dive bars.  As her appetites awaken - for food and wine, but also for knowledge, experience, and belonging - we see her helplessly drawn into a darkly alluring love triangle.  With an orphan's ardor she latches onto Simone, a senior server at the restaurant who has lived in ways Tess only dreams of, and against the warnings of coworkers she falls under the spell of Jake, the elusive, tatted up, achingly beautiful bartender. These two and their enigmatic connection to each other will prove to be Tess's most exhilirating and painful lesson of all.